Siding Installation & Repair

If your home has outdated or deteriorated siding that is cracking or leaking, Allain Construction Co., LLC, can give your home the siding you’ve always envisioned to update the exterior of your home. What was once thought of as just a way to transform a painted house into a maintenance free shell has now far surpassed homeowners’ wildest expectations.

Ray Allain, owner of Allain Construction, has been doing siding jobs of all types and varieties longer than most companies have been in business. He understands that having your house sided is quite possibly the single best improvement for your renovation dollar and takes pride in producing work his customers will be proud of.

Using the latest technology and materials within the industry, Allain Construction is up to speed on the latest techniques. They can refurbish and replace pre-existing siding to create an exterior that you’ll be proud to show off. When working on exterior siding remodeling, Allain Construction also consider windows, doors, and window trim and how they play a role in the exterior appearance of your home.

Aside from siding being a maintenance-free product that just covers your house, modern siding is now energy efficient, eco-friendly and certified green. Today’s siding evolved into a product of limitless beauty and surfaces in a wide array of colors. Allain Construction will evaluate your home and help you select the type and color siding is perfect of your needs. When it comes to selecting a siding contractor in look farther than the experts at Allain Construction. Having your house sided doesn’t cost – it pays.

Allain Construction Co., LLC. is proud to be a Lead Certified Business.