Fencing Installation Contractors

The Portland Oregon area is nothing if not pretty. The greenery of its landscape and its wide-open spaces gives way to property owners needing to stake their claim, but how will you make this piece of land unique to your tastes? Allain Construction knows the answer. The answer is to build a custom fence. Nothing enhances the look of your property like a fence, but what kind of fence do you need? Do you need a privacy fence or a split rail fence? Do you need your fence made from pressure treated wood, cypress, pine and redwood? How deep do you have to dig the posts so your fence doesn’t blow over in the wind?

Should you paint your fence or stain your fence? How high will the local building codes let you build it? These are all complicated decisions that need to be made with the help of a professional contractor. If you’re in need of a fence call the experts at Allain Construction. They have all the answers.